Do You Understand Your Consumer Rights?

undestand your consumer rightsA consumer spots a commercial on television. A car dealer is selling a specific model car for a very low price. The consumer rushes to the dealer to purchase that model car. However, upon arriving the consumer is told that the car is not available, but that another higher priced model is available. He tries to force the buyer to purchase the higher priced automobile. He purchases the vehicle and it is a lemon. In another scenario, a collection agency is calling an individual at various times during the day and night. They even contact the individual’s employer. The consumer is totally frustrated and does not know what to do. Both consumers should be aware that they haveĀ  specific consumer rights to fight back against misleading advertising and abusive behavior by a business.

Consumer Rights

There is a consumer law in place that protects individuals from being abused by certain business practices that are deemed illegal. For example, misleading advertising, bad products, or abusive business practices. These laws are designed to punish a business that takes advantage of a consumer in order to profit. The government enforces these laws. Victims are allowed to file a lawsuit against the company, as individuals or join a class action suit with others against the same business. It certainly pays for an individual to understand that they do have legal rights and that a company does not have the right to take advantage of an individual in order to profit.

Filing Consumer Rights Claims

Anyone that feels that a company or business has violated their rights should act immediately. The first course of action is to seek legal advice Find out if there are others in the same situation. It might be appropriate to join a class action suit against the company. In other circumstances, it might be more appropriate to file an individual claim against the business.

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