Do You Need Approval From the FDA for Dietary Supplements?

lumonol brain supplementDietary supplements are very popular. People take dietary supplements in addition to their regular meals for various reasons. Generally, the supplements are available at supermarkets, health food stores, and other local retailers. They are also available online at various health related sites. The dietary supplements might contain important minerals, vitamins, or herbal ingredients that are designed to be beneficial. The supplements are available in gel form, tablet form, liquids, and powdered form. Today, there is a lot of confusion concerning FDA approval for dietary supplements. Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

The main reason for this post is related to a retailer we worked with selling brain supplements. After reading a best nootropics Lumonol review, a few questions were asked in respect of FDA approval. So let’s take a look at whether FDA approval for brain supplements actually matters.

FDA Regulations

The FDA does have some say over the type of ingredients that are included in dietary supplements along with labeling. True, the manufacturer of the supplement must meet those regulations. Certainly, the FDA expects all dietary supplement manufacturers to test their products and make sure that they are safe for the consumer before distributing. However, the FDA is a guardian over the rules governing false advertising of the supplement. For example, a company that makes exaggerated or false claims about the product that they’ve submitted to the consumer market. For example, claiming a product will help the consumer lose 20 pounds of fat in a week. This is clearly an exaggeration. They also have rules about labeling. The key ingredients in the product should be clearly outlined on the label.

FDA Approval

Certainly, there is a lot of confusion around whether a product actually has FDA Approval. A number of consumers assume that a diet supplement must have the FDA Approval in order to be sold in stores. Dietary supplements are meant to supplement an individual’s food and lifestyle habits. They are not considered drugs. Therefore, the dietary supplements do not require prior FDA approval before they are placed on the consumer market. However, it is important to note that all dietary supplements must be safe, must not contain false claims, and must meet FDA regulations.

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